Kathryn continuously undertakes CPD from the best trainers out there (shown in no particular order).
Her training over the years has included but is not limited to:

Graham Pennington’s Importance of Symmetry (twice)
Graham Pennington’s Part 2 (once)
Ron Phelan TMJ 1 (twice)
Ron Phelan TMJ 2 (once)
Art of Bowen Part 1 (twice) including scar work
Smart Bowen Lymphatic and other (once)
NST Basic, Advanced, Deep Cures
NST Proto Plus (twice)
John Garfield work (July 2018)
Mike Morris Neuro workshop (once)
Functional Fascia Dissection – diaphragm to knees
John Wilks maternity and baby work
ECBS core training


International Institute of Reflexology with Allison Walker
Suzanne Enzer’s Maternity and Fertility
Neuroflexology with Jennie Levick
Limbic Reflexology with Hamish Edgar
Finger-free with David Waite