Very painful right knee, unable to walk without pin. Frozen left shoulder. Walk up and down stairs ‘normally’ and driving was painful. Also sitting for short spells was very uncomfortable. My frozen shoulder made it impossible to put my arm up my back to fasten my bra. I no longer have to navigate stairs one step at a time. I can walk up and down naturally and not have to ‘haul’ myself up using the banister rails. I can now get my left arm up my back, right between my shoulder blades. I am still slightly unsteady on my legs, but no longer in pain. I feel confident and I am sleeping really well. I am starting to go for short walks. In addition to sorting out the above, my therapist has ‘cured’ my trigger finger. All my GP could offer for the trigger finger was cortisone injections!! At this point I had three sessions. I will continue. CH

My daughter had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after 25 years of poor health. Her physical and mental difficulties prevent her from working or having a normal life. Since having just a few treatments with Kathryn there has been improvement: she is more alert and more on an even keel. Prior to treatment with Kathryn she had been remote with ‘brain fog’. Every virus knocked her back and kept returning. Socially she could not enjoy her friends. I feel I have now begun to get my daughter back. CB

I came to see Kathryn with poor leg and hip action on the left hand side, plus neck tension and limited head movement. After just two treatments my general well being had greatly improved as too the neck tension and I had much freer leg/hip movement, hand movement and significantly improved beck tension. I saw the Saga magazine article about Bowen technique and having tried this treatment I can highly recommend it!


I was suffering from constant headaches and back pain following a car accident where I was hit by a lorry on one side pushing me into a lorry on the other. For about five years after that accident I found it very difficult working, being a hairdresser. Since receiving Bowen the headaches don’t seem to be constant anymore and I don’t need to keep taking tablets (painkillers) to get rid of them, they usually pass on their own. Back pain is nowhere near as bad as it was, it comes and goes (I only had three treatments and the last one was over a year ago) whereas before it was constant. LD

I came to see Kathryn for clicking and pain in my neck which prevented me from turning my head to the right. After suffering with a clicking neck for several months and several visits to the doctor, in only two Bowen treatments my neck was cured. I have continued to receive Bowen from Kathryn to address other issues with my body and these too have been successfully resolved. I am very happy!


I suffered meningitis and a mild stroke and I had made very good progress in my recovery. I follow a rehabilitation programme at a gym at least five times a week and I was looking for something that could further aid my recovery.  I thought I would take the opportunity to see if Bowen could improve my general health – I hoped it might but I was not sure how. To my surprise, after only my first treatment, a severe persistent pain all down the right hand side of my face (which I quantified as being 9/10 all the time ie. 24/7) due to frayed nerve endings I had had since December 2009, almost completely disappeared. After my second Bowen treatment, and after consulting my GP, I stopped taking my medication which had comprised a very strong painkiller and an anti-nausea to counteract the side-effects. Not only that but after my second treatment I was walking much straighter, taking longer strides and as my balance showed some improvement I could sometimes walk without the need for a walking stick. All this was well beyond my expectations. This progress has continued with a total of just 6 treatments at the time of writing this review. I am now continuing Bowen treatments with Kathryn on a maintenance basis to see whether yet further improvement is possible and to ensure that I do not fall back to where I was before I commenced treatment as it has improved my life immensely already.


Kathryn has always treated me in the most professional manner and gone out of her way to help me with health problems that I have. Having felt the benefits of her treatment I feel further treatments would be helpful to me. …I have every confidence in her. She has made every treatment interesting and enlightening. Kathryn has taught me that feet are not just feet. R

I have been told on several occasions the considerable pain I was in was related to my age and the only relief for it was surgery. After one treatment of Bowen I am pain free for the first time in two years…


Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I have been struggling to live my life. Since having Bowen with Kathryn (as my mother says above) I have more energy and enthusiasm and Bowen has cured me of constant headaches, neck and back ache. My immune system and digestive systems have improved and whilst the fibromyalgia has not disappeared I feel supported in managing it. C (CB's daughter)

I suffered a knee injury whist dancing but since receiving Bowen I have been able to now join in some dances in my dancing club. Kathryn, when you do Bowen on my knee it feels nice and warm and makes my fingers tingle. I enjoy you coming to see me, and you make me laugh. After Bowen I go out for a walk to keep my knee fit. It makes me feel relaxed and I feel happy. Thank you very much. HS

The side-effects of 6 months of chemotherapy for prostate cancer had left me well below par. My overall bodily control and alignment were affected. My eyes watered and my mouth dribbled. Since receiving Bowen my bodily control is hugely improved, including stance and balance. Eye weeping has gone. In addition, the treatment has toned up my muscles – especially my shoulders damaged during two falls just after the chemotherapy. The treatment is an excellent relaxation process as well. The combined effect of working on my body control system, muscles and alignment has greatly improved my well being and given me good mobility. I am almost 80 years old. B

I had been suffering from a whiplash injury, hayfever and menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, etc) as well as considerable discomfort in my right knee and ankle. My state of health was preventing me riding my horses effectively. My whiplash had been preventing me looking over my right shoulder but this is no longer a problem. I was unable to be completely balanced on my horse because of the issues with my knee and ankle but this too is no longer a problem. Since I started having Bowen from Kathryn I have fully resumed my horse riding. Furthermore I have been able to stop taking hayfever tablets and nasal spray as well whereas previously I was taking them all year round for perennial rhinitis. I now have treatment periodically to retain my well being.


I found the course of (reflexology) treatment very beneficial. In the early stages I was very tired after treatment and my legs and hips used to ache but apart from the occasional day they are now much improved and I can walk much more comfortably. My sleep pattern is now good – also my bowel movements. The tinnitus has improved in as much as I do not notice it continually as before, in fact I sometimes forget about it. My well-being has been noticeably good over the past few weeks – I cannot put my finger on anything specific but I haven’t felt so good for some time owing to all the problems I had health-wise before I started my treatment. I found Kathryn to be very caring. She looked after me well, was very considerate at all times, explaining any questions I put forward and answering with much patience. I was made to feel very comfortable at all times and completely relaxed. B

I am 71 and have had morphea, a skin condition associated with the immune system, for over 6 years. For the first 12-15 months I took Methotextrate, which required regular blood tests to monitor my liver, kidneys and immune system, but I suffered significant side effects. The Morphea returned less severely a year later, but my previous experience of Methotextrate made me loathe to take it again so instead I used steroid cream and a moisturiser. A leaflet through the door advised me of a new clinic opening nearby offering clinical Reflexology and I decided to have a free consultation to discuss whether it would help my skin complaint. Kathryn felt she might be able to help me although there were no guarantees and I had my first treatment immediately. I was fascinated to learn how much Kathryn could “read”, from my feet, about what was going on in my body: I also had on going problems with neck aches following two whiplash injuries and a rather sluggish digestive system. After the first treatment I felt somewhat headachy and had various other aches and pains but quickly recovered the following day. Kathryn advised me this showed I was responsive to Reflexology. As I proceeded with treatment we agreed that I would not use steroid cream on the tops of my feet, so we could monitor any improvement being achieved through Reflexology. By the time I had had my sixth treatment, the skin on my feet, as well as on several other quite large areas of my body, had improved considerably. Also, my digestive problems have improved and the neck aches all but disappeared. In addition my energy levels are now high, my cholesterol levels have reduced remarkably and I have a general feeling of well-being. I had never had Reflexology before so was unsure what to expect although I knew that my daughter-in-law, after previously having five miscarriages, had produced a healthy baby girl which she puts down to receiving Reflexology. Initially my visits were weekly but because of my significant improvements, I am now only attending every 3-4 weeks for treatment and will continue to do so for as long as is necessary as I believe I have benefitted hugely from Kathryn’s treatments.


I have arthritis in my right knee and high blood pressure. Walking was painful and sometimes sitting for any length of time was difficult too. Since receiving Bowen treatment from Kathryn my knee is now almost back to normal and my blood pressure is significantly lowered. I also feel incredibly relaxed after treatments and am more aware of my body – as if it is telling me how to sit, stand, etc. The pain in my knee was eased almost overnight and the muscles in my right thigh are less painful after each treatment. My blood pressure has lowered considerably and I also realise I am dealing with stressful situations better.


My 52 year old daughter lives at home with me. With learning difficulties, chronic anxiety and chronic obsessive compulsive disorder, life for her, and for me, is very difficult. A great fear and distrust of all medical personnel and therapists in general it was a miracle that she agreed to have Bowen technique with Kathryn, having already met her previously. She really enjoys the sessions, is much more relaxed and happy and the obsessive behaviour is slowly and steadily improving. A knee injury sustained in a dancing club is also much improved – and the reason she agreed to the treatment, but the improvement has been much more far reaching. BS (HS's mother)

Pelvic floor weakness was a major problem in my mid-40s after having had three children. Problems with exercising and general discomfort when bladder full. After only one Bowen treatment from Kathryn I experienced a noticable improvement and after only a couple of additional treatments I have been able to resume normal exercise again and am feeling really fantastic. My general wellbeing has improved too and my posture is now excellent which results in me being far more aware when my body is holding itself incorrectly so that I now right myself. Bowen is King! I now opt for maintenance every six weeks or so to keep me in tip top condition and because treatment is so…o…o… relaxing as well!


I have a predominently desk bound job and was finding it extremely uncomfortable sitting at my desk at work. I had been receiving chiropractic treatment for over 15 years without any lasting success. Bowen has had a much more positive effect, more quickly and without the feelings of having been ‘beaten up’ the following day!! AM

I suffer from narrowing of my leg arteries which causes me great pain when I walk. The surgeon advised me that my body could cure itself if I did a lot of walking. During my initial one mile walks I would hobble as the pain level reached nine out of a possible ten and I had to take frequent stops. After two years I was walking between two and four miles several times a week with an initial pain level of seven or eight that reduced to six well into my walk. My body was slowly curing itself but not fast enough so once again I was considering surgery when a friend told me how reflexology had helped her with pain reduction. After four sessions of reflexology with Kathryn I could walk around supermarkets completely pain free and, after six reflexology treatments, the pain level in my walks began at six and reduced quickly to five. I will give it a few more months of walking and, if my level of pain does not reduce further I will definitely consider reflexology again. Thank you Kathryn.


Having seen how much my first child benefited from Bowen, not only as pain relief but also stress relief from A level exams, I took my second child to see Kathryn following a sporting injury and they also found immediate relief from painful symptoms and restricted movement. I have tried Reflexology and found this has helped long standing physical conditions, promoted much better quality of sleep whilst also relieving stress. H

Bad back and lack of movement in left shoulder. Made lifting and gardening difficult at times. The difference has been amazing – so much more movement. Kathryn made me realise it wasn’t just the area around the pain that was the problem, but general posture and she corrected my sitting position and gave me exercises to help my shoulder. She also advised me to try to lose weight and drink more water. All these things combined have improved my sense of wellbeing. PS

My overall feelings regarding reflexology have completely changed. Kathryn took great care to fully understand my health and problems regarding joints and the effects on my life both at work and at home. The effect of reflexology and the care Kathryn took in delivering this strange process has been truly amazing. The changes to my ‘balance’ have been extremely beneficial both physically, with a huge improvement in joint movement, and mentally with a feeling of wellbeing. My last treatment was 5 months ago and I now need a top up. I look forward to this as I know this will work. I feel I have now got my life back. B

Pain in right ankle, lower and upper leg and into hip. Lower back very painful and a very tight painful knot in my right buttock! Sitting upright in bed and on long car journeys was impossible, along with tying shoe laces up & moving in and out of shower. Also bending to get dressed. Any household chores were almost impossible. Bowen helped – partially to start with. Full movement after several months of treatment
Absolutely benefitted. Walking our dog and generally walking everywhere certainly helps, especially holding your tummy in and relaxing shoulders, making my body posture more upright. Recommended to drinking plenty of water, which I have continued to do. Sitting upright with uncrossed legs and not slouching definitely helps. Thinking about how I am sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping positions helped me with the discomfort in between my initial sessions. Once my body had responded well to the Bowen sessions, I suffered from virtually no pain at all. I come for Bowen sessions every 6 to 8 weeks. Thoroughly recommend Bowen Therapy. AJO

Fibromyalgia but specifically persistent bad lower back pain. Back pain prevented sleeping!! Lying in any position for longer than a few minutes. Slept soundly on evening of first treatment – for the first time in over 8 months. Tried Bowen because I felt I had nothing to lose; the doctors’ prescribed medication and physiotherapy, but had no effect on my back pain and the wait for a referral was estimated to be 18 weeks. I hadn’t slept properly for over 8 months and was desperate for some relief. I wish I had tried Bowen sooner. I slept soundly the night of my first treatment and feel so grateful to Kathryn and much more like my old self. I’m hopeful Bowen will help my fibromyalgia symptoms too. As a bonus the treatment is very relaxing. JAA

Problems with back, neck and ankles. They didn’t prevent me from doing anything, but I had general pains.
I had tried Bowen before and had instant results. Kathryn is the best practitioner I have tried and she soon found trigger points which she worked on at each session and my back improved rapidly. She has corrected my posture and made me much more aware of a correct sitting position and the exercises for my neck have really helped. JS

Fibromyalgia, joint hypermobility syndrome and arthritis. Prevent from doing: Walking, waking (at times), sleeping exercise. Huge improvement with my Bowen sessions. Following diagnosis 5 years ago I had received a lot of treatment including acupuncture, physio and whole range of medication. Nothing had worked well. Pain in ribs was most persistent and has been successfully treated with Bowen and it helps enormously to keep symptoms at bay. Tablets have been reduced dramatically and a sense of well-being improved. MB

Back, knees, feet and hands. Walking up and down stairs – Hands much better. Walking all back to normal – Hands much better. From facing an operation on my knees to walking a mile a day at a fair pace – without pain. My feet are pain free too. I make model 1/12” scale furniture and was finding it difficult but now do not have a problem. I recommend Bowen sessions to my friends and family. CH

My daughter has been suffering intermittent severe earache for over a year, but our doctor had no solution & could find no reason for it occurring. He’d referred her to the hospital when I met Kathryn.
Kathryn identified the issue as a problem with my daughter’s jaw alignment. After receiving 2 Bowen sessions with Kathryn, my daughter’s earache has disappeared. The session also fixed the pains in her legs that I’d put down as “Growing Pains”. LC (Daughter)