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Reflexology a brief history

There is evidence of some form of foot and hand therapy being practised in China as long ago as 4,000 B.C. and also at the same time in Egypt, as depicted in the tomb of Ankmahor. The North American tribes of Indians are known to have practised a form of foot therapy for hundreds of years. We know that many of the reflexes and areas we work on the feet and hands align with points on meridian lines as recognised by acupuncturists. Furthermore, Ötzi the Iceman, thought to have died 3370 – 3100 years ago BC, had inked markings on his body and a pouch of what are thought to be bone ‘needles’ to apply pressure on specific areas of the body. These various points along lines of influence throughout the body have been arrived at from varying different approaches around the world lending credence to their efficacy even though we do not know exactly how or why it all works. Read more here.


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Clinical Reflexology is a holistic therapy generally carried out on the feet but it can also be carried out on the hands and even the ears or face. It does not claim to treat specific conditions, instead it aims to bring the body as a whole into balance thus improving overall health. Many clients have found it very helpful in alleviating a wide range of issues as part of bringing their bodies back to a more balanced state of health and well-being.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the hands, feet and even ears and face which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Working these reflex areas using the thumb and fingers is considered to be of help in:

  • Relieving stress and tension
  • Improving nerve and blood supply and the circulation of lymph
  • Helping nature to achieve homeostasis (balance).

Reflexology is holistic and aims to restore health to the whole person by to relax, to have improved circulation of blood and lymph and to generally help their bodies to become balanced including the stabilising of under or over-active glands such as thyroid or adrenalin

At Time for Me (of Kenilworth) we aim to customise your session with a clear focus on the goals being aimed for, whether they be hormone balancing, supporting pregnancy, assisting with oedema, rebalancing the nervous and/or limbic systems, the techniques are combined into your personalised session designed to help balance you as a person and restore your health.


Neuroflexology (developed by the late John Moorhouse) is a simple technique that is quickly and easily applied to the lower foot and leg. Neuroflexology may enable you to clear away and repair painful joints, resolve most mood swings and anxiety feelings, repair lower back problems and clear away any problem that may have arisen inside the body without external influence. Neuroflexology is a therapy for the new Millenium. It is based solely on Anatomy and Physiology as represented on the feet and hands and nothing else. It comprises a new “Neuroflex” technique and has a philosophy, which is explainable and logical. Treatment comprises just a few minutes of very gentle hands-on work but the results can be astounding making it a very affordable treatment for many.

Limbic reflexology (being developed by Hamish Edgar, a mental health nurse of almost 5 decades of experience) aims to influence primitive areas of the brain such as the Amygdala, the Insular Cortex, the Hippocampus, Hypothalamus and more via specific reflexes in the feet. It is proving very effective for anxiety and stress.

Vertical reflexology therapy involves the reflexes of the feet and hands being influenced whilst the client is weight bearing.

Maternity and Fertility reflexology can be adapted to assist with hormone balancing across a range of symptoms in both men and women.

Whilst there is never any guarantee it is thought by a great many mothers that reflexology has helped with their infertility issues as well as helping during pregnancy and beyond. As a holistic treatment reflexology works to bring balance within the body across all the hormones: Adrenalin a key factor in stress being one such hormone. Thyroid imbalance alone, thyroxin being another hormone, is frequently a key cause of fertility issues.

Reflexology balances hormone levels and has got to be a more natural thing to try before putting oneself through a great deal of hormone imbalance as is involved with IVF – not to mention the costs which can amount to as much as £15,000 per attempt due to all the add-on costs which are not included in the basic treatment price. The NHS provides some useful data on the chances of a live birth from IVF, which falls rapidly with age of the prospective mother, and babies born using IVF have a much higher risk of premature death, cystic fibrosis, and other health issues. There are many who believe that Reflexology can achieve a much higher success rate than this, with figures varying from 40-80% reported by a wide number of practitioners. Whether these figures are correct or not, many may feel that the benefits to their health from regular Reflexology for a few months – weekly for the first few weeks is recommended followed by less regular treatments – is worth giving serious consideration to before IVF is pursued.

Fertility and Maternity reflexology aims to ensure that both partners are balanced in order to create the best possible natural conditions under which a baby can be conceived and nurtured to the point of birth. Reflexology is believed by many to have not only helped them conceive but also, if received during pregnancy, has helped with various common ailments in pregnancy and contributed to a more straightforward delivery.

Kathryn has trained with Susanne Enzer, a world-renowned specialist in this field, and is very happy to work with couples who have been experiencing difficulty conceiving as well as those who are currently suffering from maternity related issues such as symphysis pubis, back pain, stress, etc. It should be noted that although most frequently it is the female who attends for sessions, it is necessary to work with both parties to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. There is no point in ensuring the female is balanced when the male is not.

Note that the image of the pregnant foot is copyright Suzanne Enzer all rights held by her. Kathryn is currently working on a range of case studies to conclude her qualification with Suzanne.

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