Are there any contraindications to the use of the treatments you offer?

There are no contraindications to the use of Bowen or Reflexology although treatment is adjusted to suit a particular client and it is imperative that the client advises the practitioner of their full health history to enable those adjustments to be made. In terms of Thermo-auricular therapy, treatment should not take place at all if, for instance, the client has had a perforated ear drum for less than 12 months, or if they are running a temperature as it is inadvisable to add further heat in such a situation.

Does reflexology tickle?

Strangely although many people have ticklish feet, I have never known anyone who was unable to cope with reflexology partly no doubt because reflexology relaxes the recipient but also because we are trained to work on the feet with a firm pressure which is not at all ticklish. If you are worried about ticklish feet why not book a taster treatment to find out whether this is really an issue for you. Or, if you book a full treatment and find that reflexology is not for you we can always switch partway through the appointment to hand and/or auricular (ear) therapy instead.

Do I have to remove any clothing for the treatments?

Ear candling does not require the removal of any clothing (unless of course you are wearing a hat!). Reflexology requires the removal of shoes and any other foot covering e.g. socks or tights and, where long trousers are worn, a few inches will need to be folded up carefully at the bottom during the treatment. Bowen is generally carried out through light clothing, however occasionally it may be helpful to work directly on skin to improve the benefit to the client but this would never be done without full discussion and consent and modesty is maintained at all times! Children will not be treated without a parent present in the room.

Does reflexology hurt?

The pressure used in your reflexology treatment can be varied to suit your preference. If areas of your feet are sensitive we can discuss how you would prefer the treatment to be adjusted.

Does Bowen hurt?

Bowen is known as a gentle touch therapy where very small movements are made in very precise locations on the body during which the odd twinge may be felt if a muscle is particularly tight. It is possible for the client to have some discomfort in the days following treatment if the body needs to realign itself during this period but the treatment itself should never be painful..

Isn't reflexology just a type of foot massage?

Our training, although it incorporates some relaxation techniques and can be offered entirely as a relaxing treatment if wished, enables us to work on our clients in a way which may help greatly with a wide range of health conditions and may help rebalance the body so that the client is able to heal more quickly. A full medical history is taken at the outset of treatment and a treatment plan is drawn up which is specific to the client being treated. That plan may change as the body rebalances itself or as other issues come to the surface.

Do I have to have music during my treatment?

Music during treatment is entirely a matter of choice for the client. For some listening to music helps them relax more, for others music is a distraction. Please specify at the time of booking the appointment so that I can accomodate your treatment at an appropriate time – the clinic we are currently operating from sometimes has music playing for other treatments outside of our control.

Is ear candling safe?
We only use Biosun candles – which have the CE mark as an approved medical appliance. We
have been properly trained in the safe use of ear candles and always take a full health review
before treatment is carried out.
I am very disabled, will you be able to treat me?
Our clinic is on the ground floor and is fully accessible using ramps where necessary. We have a fully fitted disabled WC with all the required handrails. We are able to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and pushchairs of all types.  If you have specific requirements, and have any concerns, please ring to discuss whether the facilities are adequate for your needs. We will be happy to help.
We offer a limited mobile service within the Kenilworth area for those who find it difficult to get out of the house. You can be treated in your own home in the chair of your choice OR we can bring a specialist Lafuma chair for you to sit in. If you prefer to sit in your own chair we can bring a specialist footstool to raise your legs to the required level. We are also able to provide Bowen therapy on a client’s own bed, a suitable sofa, or bring with us a portable couch (subject to weight restrictions) or indeed a thick portable mattress which is put directly onto the floor.
Alternative forms of reflexology which can be conducted without raising the legs are hand and auricular (ear) reflexology and even vertical reflexology (which is administered to the top of the feet whilst they remain on the floor). Basically if you have any specific needs or restrictions do please get in touch to discuss the options and we will see what we can do to help.
For those looking for a briefer intervention which is often of great help for pain management then we can provide Neuroflexology which is approximately 5 minutes of hands-on foot work.
Do you offer discounts?
We believe our prices are fair in the marketplace and that we offer great value for money. We work to a standard rather than a price and you are buying our services not our time by the minute. If you receive treatment from us and are in any way unhappy about the charges then do feel free to raise this with us at the time of your session.
Certain treatments, such as those on children or pregnant ladies, benefit from being done in a short course of brief, focussed, daily treatments which are charged at an appropriate time-based reduced rate if carried out in the clinic. However in general our standard rates apply.
Will treatment be expensive, will I have to come back week after week?
We work on the basis that we are trying to get people better rather than that we are trying to make money out of people. What that means is that we aim to make our treatments as effective and cost-efficient as we possibly can and for Bowen it is common for people to have only 1-3 treatments, or to have a course of 3 and then move to maintenance which might be once every 4 weeks or even every 3 months. If you present with a chronic condition which has taken many years to develop then it is unlikely that it will vanish in a single treatment but we will always discuss your options with you and it is your choice what you decide to do.
A long term condition may need more than 3 Bowen treatments but these will tend to be spaced out once progress is being made and we know that your body is making the necessary adjustments. In summary, with Reflexology or Bowen we might be looking at a series of sessions or simply an ad hoc top-up session when the need arises. The choice is entirely up to you and no pressure will be put on you to take any particular course of action nor will you be asked at any stage to sign up and commit to a particular number of treatments as it will depend on how quickly your body responds, and the number of ‘layers’ in your health history, whether you need further sessions and you will feel for yourself how you are progressing.
It is worth bearing in mind that several insurance companies will pay for Reflexology and Bowen – details are given at the top of ‘Our Pricing‘ page.
I have had botox is the ear candling safe for me?
Users of botox, restylane, perlane and similar facial treatments are advised to select the hand
reflexology option rather than the facial massage, but the ear candling itself is fine to have
done. You are advised not to have auricular (ear) reflexology for the same reason.
I have got problems with my feet, does that mean I cannot have treatment?
Depending on what problem you have got, the treatment may need to be adapted so suit. There are a few conditions where we might be unable to treat the feet due to the risk of cross-contamination but generally foot conditions can be worked around, such as by putting a plaster over the specific area, or hand/auricular reflexology can be offered as an alternative. Please ring to discuss.
I am very ill, can I be treated?
There are very few contraindications to Bowen, reflexology or thermo-auricular therapy but we would need to discuss your condition with you to be able to advise. If you have any concerns we may also advise that you check with your GP or consultant/specialist prior to treatment as we cannot and would not go against specific medical advice not to treat. Any contraindications would be discussed with you in detail, and this can be done over the phone without charge. Contraindications tend to relate to avoiding certain specific procedures or techniques rather than not receiving any treatment at all, they arise when for instance someone is or may be pregnant or where a person has an infectious disease or a serious health condition requiring medical attention and care.
In terms of cancer, if you are considering treatment you may find the following worth discussing with your medical carers when gathering their opinion:
“There is no reason I can see why reflexology should be harmful in any way to a cancer patient. It can only be beneficial in improving the quality of life. I guess the only exception could be the very rare occurrence of a melanoma in the foot but even then other sites could be used.”
Professor Karol Sikora
Karol Sikora is the Medical Director of CancerPartnersUK which is creating the largest UK cancer network as a series of joint ventures with NHS Trusts. He is Professor of Cancer Medicine and honorary Consultant Oncologist at Imperial College School of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London. He is Scientific Director of Medical Solutions PLC, Britain’s leading cancer diagnostic company. He has recently been appointed Dean of Britain’s first independent Medical School at the University of Buckingham.
Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes we do. The details are given on our Pricing page.