How Bowen Changed My Life!

A client, Pritti Bhabra, talks about their Fibromyalgia journey with Bowen therapy: We are grateful to her for taking the time to put this together to help others. "When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia twenty years ago, I was elated. Relieved that finally someone...

Let’s Mooch!

When the term 'mooching' was used by Julia Bradbury on ‘The One Show’ last night surprisingly it set several lines of thought running simultaneously! Hilarious random thoughts of how Miranda, or Michael McIntyre, might devise a silly skit around the word, its...

Some thoughts on coronavirus and… banks?

Who would have thought that in just 3 short months so much around the world has changed and that health and safety would have such an overriding profile! Whilst always a very important consideration: every work place must continually risk assess to ensure they look...

Scar tissue damage can improve even decades later!

Kara is 33, left handed and smashed her left hand playing netball in her teens with operations every 2 years in the 18 years since her injury. The carpal and metacarpal bones in the index finger had been rebuilt from scraps of bones, including bone grafts taken from...

Back, hips, legs hurting more in the hot weather?

I see significant numbers of people who have aches and pains and they try to find patterns with whether their symptoms are affected by the heat, the cold, the damp and more. What I am going to say is that a very significant factor for many is lack of fluid intake....

Is hay fever hitting you hard?

As a fellow sufferer of over half a century (it is true, really!) it occurred to me as I woke this morning that now might be a great time to remind people of some of the things that could seriously help improve their quality of life during this season of BBQs, summer...

Meet us and try a taster Bowen session – Holiday Inn, Kenilworth 29th June 2018 9am – 1.30pm

Do come and see us at the Holiday Inn on 29th June 2018. FREE ENTRY!

The Expo is not just for businesses, the general public should come too as there are lots of local businesses all keen to meet you!

Offering holistic health services in Kenilworth for almost 8 years now this is our 7th Chamber Expo and we are delighted to be here.

We offer Bowen technique, clinical Reflexology and ear candling, and once again we will be offering our usual couches for free taster sessions and your chance to ask us questions and find out more about what we do.

We love our annual outing at the Kenilworth Chamber of Trade Expo and we are sure this year will be no different.

Aches, pains, injuries, misalignments or restricted range of movement?

Feeling anxious, not quite right, convalescing?

All this and more is all in our daily mix of clients.

Been thinking of coming to see us but wondering what we and/or our work is like - why not pop by on 29th June?

Be warned though it tends to get busier as the day progresses so your best chance of a space on the couches is to arrive earlier in the day.

We look forward to meeting you!



I tried Bowen technique owing to bad pain in my back and my legs all the time, even during the night. This was really bad because I need to be active every day (young mainland European mother working in the UK) but more than that I could not run at all.        

After a few sessions of Bowen I can run again. Not everything is well in my back but it's yet better. I am not painful all the time anymore and I can have rest and sleep well. I had forgotten how good it is to sleep a whole night.        

Thanks to the Bowen Therapy, yes I can run again and it was a priority for me, but actually the best is how free, light and balanced I feel now. During my life as a high level athlete [for my country], I have seen lots of osteopaths and chiropractors who relieved me each time I needed but because my issues have lasted for a long time, I forgot to be confident in my body to repair by itself. I think the Bowen therapy gave me back confidence in my ability to be well without exterior help. Thank you to my therapist Kathryn Phillips as well, she is really kind, listening and attentive.                Ref: 50865660


Only Placebo? Now that is an interesting question!

Every so often someone comes into the clinic and says 'Surely all this is only placebo? I am very very sceptical!'. Their inference being one supposes that Bowen or any other holistic complementary health work is somehow very different from ‘proper’, ‘real’, ‘effective’ ‘science’ and that any results ‘in the unlikely event of them getting any’ will be ‘all in the mind’.

What these sceptics perhaps do not realize is that much if not most drug and surgical intervention is also proven to be placebo, and where is the problem with that?

Surely what matters most is that the recipient experiences significant relief from their symptoms?

More and more frequently scientific testing and randomized controlled trials show up that the intervention is in fact in the mind rather than the body. There have been spinal surgery trials showing this e.g., knee surgery trials in similar vein and the story goes on with for example

Whole books are being written about it e.g. science writer Jo Marchant’s book entitled ‘Cure’ which reviews swathes of scientific research.

Indeed there is evidence that openly advising a patient that the pills they are being given contain zero active ingredient makes them even more effective as in ‘irritable bowel syndrome patients randomized to receive open-label placebo pills and told that such pills often relieve symptoms through a “mind-body self-healing process” experienced more relief than no-treatment controls’ (

In the New Scientist April 2018 an article entitled: ‘ ’ indicates that ‘if we look closely enough everybody is sick’, however many can and do heal themselves from a wide range of complaints without the need for medical intervention.

Why not try it yourself by making use of the advice given in books written by medics and scientists who are fully aware that there is much about the body which is not to be explained as yet by science? For example by Dr Howard Brody, or the work of Dr Lissa Rankin MD who has a vast reputation in this field, here talking to a conference of medics:

As Dr Lissa Rankin emphasises in her various books, articles and presentations on Youtube , it is the stress response which is key in so many illnesses. Control your stress response and you will often find that you experience a significant improvement in your health as described in the brilliant book:

The Advertising Standards Association is clear regarding many, if not most, holistic health/complementary health practices that ‘Practitioners should not refer to medical conditions for which supervision should be sought but may make claims about relieving everyday anxiety and stress, helping relaxation, aiding sleep, promoting a sense of well-being and the like.’

Medical Disclaimer: none of the information given in this blog should be considered a substitute for traditional medical advice or treatment. Any medical condition should be assessed and diagnosed by a suitably qualified medical practitioner’

See you at Holiday Inn Kenilworth 30th June 2017?

If you are in town between 9am and 1.30pm on Friday June 30th, why not pop by and say hello at our stand at the Holiday Inn? Your chance to try Bowen Technique for free! Also to ask questions about Reflexology, Ear Candling and about holistic health and natural...

Costco on Saturday – see you there for Bowen Technique?

If you are a member of Costco, why not pop by and say hello at our stand at the Coventry Store on Saturday (26th Nov)? Your chance to try Bowen Technique for free! Also to ask questions about Reflexology and Ear Candling. We will be offering free taster sessions and...

Shakespeare Hospice offering Bowen Technique

It has been a pleasure and privilege to be working at the Shakespeare Hospice for a day a month as a volunteer therapist practicing Bowen Technique over the past few months. The patients are finding that Bowen really helps with their various aches and pains, so much...

Holiday Inn Kenilworth 24th June 2016

Thank you to all of you who came to see us on the stand, and especially to those who tried a FREE taster sessions of Bowen or Reflexology as this really helps to encourage others who might feel more timid about asking about what the sessions involve. Thank you to all...

Costco 27th Feb 2016 and 7th May 2016

We were very happy to be able to offer Coventry Costco customers advice and free tasters showing how Bowen can often help relieve pain and balance the body with only a few minutes of hands-on work. We will be back again in store on Saturday 24th Nov 2016 and hope to...

Actimel and Chicco Toys promotions 2012

You may have seen Martine McCrutcheon advertising TLC treats free with Actimel purchases. Time for me (of Kenilworth) is delighted to be offering free sessions under this offer. Also under the Chicco toys offer

Costco Coventry 3 November 2012 and 1 September 2012

Our thanks to everyone who visited the stand where we were doing demonstrations, answering questions and giving advice, as well as taking bookings for in-clinic and mobile sessions. Thank you to all those who took the opportunity at this event to book sessions, it has...

Kenilworth Carnival 7 July 2012

Thank you to all those who popped by to our gazebo at the Kenilworth Carnival this year and especially those who took advantage of the free taster sessions in both clinical Reflexology and in Bowen. Hopefully you found the tasters helpful, and your participation...