Kara is 33, left handed and smashed her left hand playing netball in her teens with operations every 2 years in the 18 years since her injury. The carpal and metacarpal bones in the index finger had been rebuilt from scraps of bones, including bone grafts taken from her wrist, by various surgeons over the years with a range of pins and plates being put in and removed over the years to hold everything in place, most recently two years ago.

When she appeared in our clinic she was waiting for a consultant’s appointment for yet another operation in her 18 year history of issues, only this time it was amputation that she wanted to discuss because the pain was so great.

Session 1 the left hand was white and very swollen. The entire area was extremely sensitive to the touch and the client was avoiding using it at all. Gear changes were 13/10 pain scale.

Within days of having session 1 she rang her consultant to cancel the appointment and to advise that the improvement in her hand within hours to zero pain was miraculous following her first ever Bowen work combined with scar work (MSTR). The receptionist who has got to know the client well over nearly 2 decades commented that the client sounded much happier than she had known her in years and promised to tell the consultant about a. the improvement and b. the credit being given to Bowen/MSTR.

Session 2 a week later the client is now able to form a fairly good fist with finger one bending at the second joint back onto itself although the main knuckle won’t yet fold completely. She noted also that her hand had ceased to be white but now had full colour matching the right hand. During session 2 the area was very quick to suffuse in colour indicating a massively improved blood supply to the area and an enthusiastic response from her body to heal the area.

At the end of session 2 she had approx. 1cm of skin fused to the tendon, and approx. 2 cm of the cartilage fused to the bone at an estimation. The tendons were ossified from the wrist towards the finger but as work was done on the tendon the ossification eased.

Session 3 is three weeks after session 1 and progress has continued with no return of the pain and a shrinking back of the area where the tendon is attached to the bone. Forming a fist is now a little easier again. Work done in the session shows that the attachment is now only around 5mm and we would expect to see the tissues ease yet further in the days and even weeks following the session as the body sets to work restoring function.

Kara wants her story to be told. Scar tissue can be tight, painful, restrict movement and affect your life wherever it may be. It can appear to be a surface scar but very rarely is a scar only on the surface – it can often go deep into the body with layers of skin/fascia/derma fixed together when they ought to be able to slide across one another as you live your life and move around.  We have seen scars from C-sections, mastectomy and other cancer-related operations, kidney transplants, gallbladder removals, pyloric sphincter and even open heart surgery as well as from infections and ulcerations. Nothing surprises us! Itchy, bumpy, simply unsightly, your scars may also be affecting how you feel. You may want to consider scar tissue release?