Do come and see us at the Holiday Inn on 29th June 2018. FREE ENTRY!

The Expo is not just for businesses, the general public should come too as there are lots of local businesses all keen to meet you!

Offering holistic health services in Kenilworth for almost 8 years now this is our 7th Chamber Expo and we are delighted to be here.

We offer Bowen technique, clinical Reflexology and ear candling, and once again we will be offering our usual couches for free taster sessions and your chance to ask us questions and find out more about what we do.

We love our annual outing at the Kenilworth Chamber of Trade Expo and we are sure this year will be no different.

Aches, pains, injuries, misalignments or restricted range of movement?

Feeling anxious, not quite right, convalescing?

All this and more is all in our daily mix of clients.

Been thinking of coming to see us but wondering what we and/or our work is like - why not pop by on 29th June?

Be warned though it tends to get busier as the day progresses so your best chance of a space on the couches is to arrive earlier in the day.

We look forward to meeting you!



I tried Bowen technique owing to bad pain in my back and my legs all the time, even during the night. This was really bad because I need to be active every day (young mainland European mother working in the UK) but more than that I could not run at all.        

After a few sessions of Bowen I can run again. Not everything is well in my back but it's yet better. I am not painful all the time anymore and I can have rest and sleep well. I had forgotten how good it is to sleep a whole night.        

Thanks to the Bowen Therapy, yes I can run again and it was a priority for me, but actually the best is how free, light and balanced I feel now. During my life as a high level athlete [for my country], I have seen lots of osteopaths and chiropractors who relieved me each time I needed but because my issues have lasted for a long time, I forgot to be confident in my body to repair by itself. I think the Bowen therapy gave me back confidence in my ability to be well without exterior help. Thank you to my therapist Kathryn Phillips as well, she is really kind, listening and attentive.                Ref: 50865660